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Wornright Payment Methods

Find a list of all payment methods we accept below. Unfortunately we cannot accept payment methods which aren’t listed here. Do not contact support to arrange for payment via any method which is not found on this list. For all orders above £1500 we will only accept Bank transfers or Crossborder Payments. Customers shopping from Switzerland with a Swiss Visa card can pay for up to £2500.

Read below.


We have partnered with the most secure card payment processor Stripe.com for debit/credit card instant payments. This payment method relies on Stripe for approval. Stripe uses Radar and anti-fraud mechanisms to approve/reject any transaction. 

Processing Time: Instant Approval/Rejection

Maximum Cart Total: £0 – £1500  (Above £1500 Unavailable)

Requirements: Proof of ID document (name of customer clearly visible), Proof of Address document (name and address clearly visible)


At Wornright we understand you may want to reserve an item to complete the full payment at a later date. You can now choose SPLIT-PAY.  Your first payment of 50% must be received on the day of the order. Your second payment must be received within 30 days. This option is available on the checkout page for orders above £5000.

Processing Time: A Few Minutes

Maximum Cart Total: £5000 – £200,000 


  • You can only pay via bank transfer SWIFT IBAN/ SEPA or via Crossborder Bank Transfer.
  • No refund will be issued for partial payments. When you reserve an item it prevents other users from purchasing the item. We will only refund your order in full if you choose to return your item after your complete payment and delivery.


Make a standard bank transfer from your Bank Account to our EURO Bank Account. IBAN , BIC/SWIFT Instructions will be provided after checkout. Go to your banking app/website and select international payment to make a standard transfer. If your payment has not been issued within the time limit your order will be cancelled. All bank transfers are received in our EUR (Europe branch payment account)

Processing Time: A Few Minutes – 24 hours.

Maximum Cart Total: £0 – £100,000 

Requirements (Optional): None


Cross-border payments are payments from either the USA, Asia or some countries in Europe into our Bank Account using your ACH, Bank, Wire Transfer via a 3rd party processor. We will provide you with IBAN and SWIFT/BIC payment details
*You will have to use 3rd party services. You must register and verify your account first with either one of the following secure processors Instarem.com / Remitly.com 
Once you do please return to our website and select this checkout method. Payment instructions will be provided on the receipt page or contact our live chat support.

Processing Time: 5 – 10 minutes

Maximum Cart Total: £0 – £20,000 

Requirements (Optional): You will need to register an account and verify your ID with the processor of your choice. This ID verification process may take up to 1 hour with Instarem.com and Remitly.com

If you’re in Europe we suggest you select Secure Bank to bank transfer instead which is easier and faster.


You can pay using your paypal account into our bank account. Paypal’s service is called Xoom by Paypal (Xoom.com is a company owned by paypal) and helps you make payments using your linked cards on your paypal account or your paypal account balance to make a bank transfer. 
*We do not have a paypal account for paypal-to-paypal payments hence we do not offer paypal invoicing, paypal friends&family, or Goods and services. Please do not request above services from our support agents.

Processing Time: 24 – 72 hours

Maximum Cart Total: £0 – £5,000 (Above £5000 Unavailable)

Requirements (Optional): You will need to login to your paypal account and select the “Send to a Bank Account” or Login to Xoom.com and you will be redirected to your paypal account for the transaction. 

For assistance with making your payments, our bank details or step-by-step instructions, please contact us 

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