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Tell us how we can help you. Our customer care team is available 24/7 to assist you with your purchase. 

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We endeavour to respond within 24 hours. During holidays and festive periods we may encounter a higher than usual amount of emails. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause.

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For Live chat assistance please click on the bottom right icon.

We also offer whatsapp chat support 24/7. Please write as much information in your first message to increase your chances of receiving a prompt reply. (Click for whatsapp chat)

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an account

You can create an account on the checkout page or by clicking on the My account icon at the top of the Wornright webpage.

Yes you can edit your name, email address, phone number and delivery addresses on your account page. Note: You cannot edit the address on an order after you have placed the order. Contact support.

Don’t worry. Please click on the my accounts icon. Once you get to the login page, enter your email address and click “I have forgotten my password”. A link will be sent to your email address to reset your password.

Place the item on a flat surface | Front Facing. Calculated measurements.

Length: The distance from the left end of the item to the right end. 

Width: Distance on the side section of the item.

Height: Distance from the bottom to the top of the item.

Strap Drop (for bags): The distance from the strap when stretched to the bottom of the bag.

The different conditions of items listed on our website and what they mean.

New: All items which are new, have never been used and come with full original packaging as you would find if you purchased in-store brand new.

Pre-owned Like New: Items which may have been used once or twice but show no sign of use. These are considered like New. Read the instructions to know what packaging comes with the item.

Pre-owned Great: Items which have been used a few times with very little signs of use. Read the instructions to know what packaging comes with the item.

Consigned Items with display videos: Consigned items are sent to us by sellers to store prior to purchase. We ask sellers to protect the hardware, leather and metallic parts of items with clear protective film. If there are straps or accessories we ask that they be detached, wrapped and secured. This is so each buyer can receive their purchase without any further damage to the leather or metal. We will record display videos of select items being consigned and these will be attached to the item listing -for marketing purposes only. We will not provide on-demand videos. 

Every Hermes item with an exotic leather listed on our platform will come with its CITES certificate.

We require all sellers/stores listing items with exotic leathers to ship out their items (during inspection) with their respective valid CITES certificate for Hermès lizard, alligator, and crocodile skins as well as special skins. 

Collections and Stores

Wornright is an online luxury marketplace similar to Vestiairecollective, HEWI, Jolicloset.

We do not have physical stores for collections or sizing before/after purchase.

We ship via Fedex, UPS and DHL worldwide within 4-7 working days

Our administrative offices and item authentication & inspection premises are based in London (UK), Paris (France).

We do not have physical viewing/walk-in stores.

You can only view and purchase your items via our online store. 

Returns on all purchases are accepted within 30 days for a full refund.

Our staff is available 24/7 via live chat, whatsapp instant chat, or email.

We respond to all queries with the same enthusiasm. No query is considered ‘irrelevant’.

You will receive a response instantly or within a few hours at most.

We are registered in the United Kingdom.

Your Order

Sometimes we may place your order on hold. A member of our team will reach out to you or you can contact support directly to resolve this. 

Some common reasons why your order has been placed on hold:

  • Payment Not Received. We will need to confirm that your payment has reached us before changing the status of your order to processing.
  • We deal with high value goods, therefore to combat fraud we are required to verify each user’s identification for orders above £1000. We will provide a secure link for you to upload your ID.
  • Our Automated Systems detected an unusual shopping habit. A member of our team will manually verify your order details and set the status back to processing.
  • Where in doubt please message support.

Depending on the country your order is being shipped to, we accept various payment methods.

Our currency is GBP (Pound Sterling) £.

For orders below £5000 we accept payments via Holtapay (JCB, Maestro, Visa Electron/Debit/Credit, Mastercard Debit/Credit, Discover, UnionPay, Bank Transfer, INT Wire Transfer and American Express.

Orders above £5000 we accept International Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Split Payments.

If you have a Wornright gift card, you will need to enter the code on the checkout page to redeem the card.

Once we receive the payment for your order, your order status will change to processing. We will provide updates when your order is packed, shipped, and on its way to you (for consigned items with us) or when the seller ships the item to us for inspection.

For Consigned items this typically happens within 48 hours.

For Preowned items, this typically takes 1-5 working days.

For special items proposed for sale by Individual Sellers (I.S.), this typically takes 3-7 days. The seller has to ship the item to us for inspection at our offices before we can ship the item out to you.

Yes. You can track your order as soon as it is shipped. Login to your account and click on the ‘orders’ tab. Select the order you wish to track and click on the ‘Track’ button.

All our items are shipped out with fully insured delivery. If anything happens along the way before you receive your item, we will either send you a replacement item or offer you a full refund.

We are sorry to learn this. Please contact support and we will look into this for you.

Sellers and Consignments

On Wornright we accept items listed on sale by Individual and Professional Sellers. Sellers can either list their items by submitting pictures OR consigning their items with us.

Consigning: Individual and Professional Sellers can send their item(s) to us to store prior to listing. This is called consigning.  For an item to be consigned with us, it must be in NEW Condition, or Like New Condition with no defects. We will inspect the item’s condition and authenticity, and we may also list a display video of the item. We will value the price at which we estimate your item should sell. We hold consigned items for 60 days, after which, if still unsold, we will return the item back to the seller.


As opposed to most online retailers who charge between 8-20%, we charge a fixed 5% fee on all sales.

There is also an £85 Authentication fee which is included in the final listing price.

To list an item as an individual seller, you need to visit this page https://www.wornright.com/sell-consign/ or email our support team for a selling form. 

  1. You will upload pictures to the form as well as item identification documents (serial codes, authenticity cards etc) for verification.
  2. Once our team does a pre-check, your item will be listed on our website.
  3. When your item is purchased, please send the item to our offices for physical inspection within 48 hours.
  4. After we have inspected your item and are satisfied with its authenticity, we will ship out your item to the buyer.

This takes 3-7 working days.

If your item is found in a different condition or if we have any doubts on authenticity, the item will be returned to you (the seller) and the buyer will be refunded immediately.



The buyer has 30 days to indicate they wish to return the item. If the buyer returns an item AFTER we have paid the seller, we will re-list the item online at no extra cost and with no extra selling fee commission on the re-listed item.

We are partially owned by UK corp – Three (in the UK) with UK company details here companies house.

Returns & Refunds

Yes you can return all purchases within 30 days. In order to initiate a return please contact customer support.

Note: We will not accept returns for items which have been worn or used.

We understand that sometimes you may not be happy with your purchase. Once you return your item to us, a member of staff will inspect your returned item. This is to make sure it hasn’t been damaged, worn, or used. This takes 48 hours. 

Once we are satisfied with the condition of the returned item we will provide you with a form for your refund. You will be required to fill in your bank details. Your refund should reach your account within 2-5 working days.

Yes you may choose to receive your refund as Wornright store credit instead. 

You can use your store credit to shop your next handbag, jewellery or clothing with a 5% bonus.

Your refund will be for the total amount of your order less applicable fees (2% return fee.)

For example if you return a £2000 purchase, you will receive a refund of £1960 (£2000 less £40 return fee).

May be subject to change.

Authenticity Guarantee


Wornright is an authorized global online retailer for Luxury High Fashion. We also accept listings from users worldwide, shops, and further consign pieces on behalf of collectors. You can rest assured that all products on our website have been pre-screened for authenticity and further physical inspection conducted by our staff after its purchase. 

Our Preowned line for luxury brands are items sourced by our team or proposed for sale by users worldwide. We check all preowned items meticulously to make sure all items are 100% Authentic. This involves multiple physical verifications of both the leather type, sewing thread used, authenticity codes, zippers, material and fabric after the item has been purchased.

All items purchased on our website are shipped out with a printed purchase receipt. If you are purchasing a preowned item, it will be mentioned in the description if it comes with its original purchase receipt from the brand as well.

You can sell your purchased item back to us. Please contact a member of our team and we will provide you with a generous offer to buy the item back from you.

We will even pay for shipping to us.

Wornright Authenticated Shopping
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Personal Shopping Service

1. Describe the item

To start the process, we will ask you to share some information on the item you wish us to source. Fill in the form with as much detail as possible.

2. Upload photo(s)

If you have a picture of the item from the brand's website or online, please upload the picture to the form. This is a crucial step for our team.

3. Our response

It takes us between 2-12 hours to reply on your personal shopping requests. As most items are quite difficult to source, if we have found your item, please make payment immediately to secure the purchase.

Our personal shopping service is reserved for users who wish to purchase the desired item immediately (not at a later date). If you are unsure about the item, please only contact us once you are certain. It takes our team time & considerable effort.

Gift Cards & Special Packaging

Yes. You can purchase Gift Cards with the following values: £1000, £2500, £4000, and £10,000. (Currency Pound Sterling / British Pound)

Contact our team to purchase a gift card. For Security reasons you cannot pay for a gift card with a credit/debit card. You can only pay for gift cards via Bank Transfer

-You will receive your gift card via email.

-To use your gift card or store credit, please add your preferred items to the shopping bag.

-In your shopping bag, you will be able to enter the code in the designated “Gift Card/Store Credit/Promotion Code” field

-After entering the code, your discount will be displayed in “Your current promotions” and the final price is automatically adjusted

-You can continue with your checkout and review your shopping bag with the final price once more on the last page before confirming your purchase

Kindly note that our T&Cs apply when purchasing and using Wornright gift cards.

We do offer special customisations and packaging. If you wish to include a printed note with your order please message support.


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